Bed & Breakfast | Calhoun, Ky


Image of Farley's

The last person to call this residence home was Forest Lee Smith Wilhite (1916-2010), also lovingly known as “Farley,” a diminutive she received when a young nephew was unable to pronounce Forest. Farley’s parents raised her in this home, but she left the residence when she married Delmar H. Wilhite (1907-1964). When Farley’s mother passed away, her widower father asked her and Delmar to move back into the home. Upon his death, he willed the house to Farley. Upon Farley’s death, a nephew inherited the house, and at auction it was purchased by Muster Associates. It was later purchased by Louis and Carol Robertson of Calhoun, who began restoring the structure to serve the community as a guesthouse. The Robertsons decided to call their bed and breakfast “Farley’s” because the community knew it so well by this name.